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Licensed and Bonded Michigan Burglar Alarm Systems Contractor License 3601202423
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        Hello, my name is Tom Pate, owner of My Connected Home LLC.  I am the person you will meet with to discuss your desires for your entertainment, security, computer and/or home automation system.  I will work with you throughout the planning process to document your expectations, to recommend solution alternatives, and to oversee every detail of the installation to assure that those expectations are met.


I have a master’s degree in Business Operations Research.  I spent most of my career at Ford Motor Company where I was an Information Technology Manager for real-time plant-floor systems.  In this role, I managed the design, development, installation and support of computer systems that communicated with automobile manufacturing machinery for control, scheduling, and maintenance purposes.  I was responsible for the first implementation of touch-screen monitors and wireless quality data collection devices in Ford plants.  These systems continue today to function with extreme reliability in Ford powertrain and assembly plants worldwide.


To achieve the powerful control and management capabilities that these manufacturing systems provide, we spent many years getting machine and measurement device manufactures to provide the ability for their equipment to communicate with computers such that we could monitor and control them on an integrated basis.  


         Now more and more home components (e.g. audio-video, security, climate control, etc.) are becoming able to reliably communicate directly with personal computers.  It has been my delight and passion to now implement electronic integration control and convenience capabilities in my own home and other homes.