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1)      Structured Wiring

a)      OnQ 3x8 Zero-Gain Video Distribution Amplifier

b)      OnQ Telephone Distribution Modules

c)       OnQ RJ45 Data Distribution Modules

d)      Quad-shield RG6 video distribution cabling

e)      Belden DataTwist Cat5e Ethernet cabling

f)       Belden Cat5e telephone cabling

g)      16 RJ45 Ethernet outlets

h)      20 RJ11 phone outlets

i)        12 RF video outlets

j)        Ethernet Switch

k)      Comcast Modem

2)      Alarm Security and Automation

a)      Controlled and Monitored by HomeSeer via Cinemar Main Lobby Touchscreens

b)      HAI Omni II Pro

c)       2 HAI Consoles

d)      8 perimeter zones

e)      3 interior zones (pool room alert)

f)       2 motion detector zones

g)      2 smoke detector zones (6 detectors)

h)      3 water detector zones (sump and ejection pumps)

3)      HVAC Status

a)      Monitored by HAI / HomeSeer / Main Lobby Touchscreens

b)      2 HAI indoor temperature sensors

c)       1 HAI outdoor temperature sensor

d)      1 HAI hottub water temperature sensor

4)      Lighting Control

a)      Monitored and controlled by HomeSeer via Cinemar Main Lobby Touchscreens

b)      5 HAI UPB Keypads

c)       29 HAI UPB Dimmers

d)      2 HAI UPB Switches (Pool Pump and Pool Heater)

5)      Audio Distribution

a)      Monitored and controlled by Cinemar Music Lobby Touchscreens

b)      Netstreams Musica 4-source 6-zone Controller

c)       6 Musica Keypads

d)      3 Musica Local Source/Output Modules

e)      2 Stereo Amplifiers for large zones

f)       8 Nuvo 8” Ceiling Speakers

g)      2 Nuvo 6” Stereo Speakers

h)      11 Boston Accustic Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers (upstairs existing)

6)      Video Distribution

a)      Monitored and controlled by Cinemar Main Lobby Touchscreens

b)      DVDO iScan VP30 Video Scalar / Switcher (1080p)

c)       Gefen HDMI to 2 DVI Splitter

d)      2 Optical DVI cable runs (Projector and TV)

7)      AV and Automation Equipment Rack

a)      Music Mountain Audio Video Player/Processor  (AVPP) – Host for:

i)        Cinemar Main Lobby, Music Lobby, Weather Lobby Server

ii)       HomeSeer

iii)     J River Media Server and music database – feeds 3 music streams to Musica Controller via M-Audio Delta 410 Audio Card

iv)     Serial control of:

(1)    Denon AVR

(2)    JVC Projector

(3)    HAI Security Panel

(4)    UPB Lighting Interface Module

(5)    Panamax UPS / Power conditioner

(6)    Musica Audio Distribution controller

(7)    DVDO iScan VP30 Video Processor

v)      IR control of:

(1)    Comcast DVR

(2)    LCD TV

b)      Denon AVR4806 7.1 THX Ultra2 AV Receiver

c)       DVDO iScan VP30 Video Processor

d)      Comcast DVR

e)      Musica Audio Distribution Controller

f)       Servo 2-Channel Amplifier (audio subzone)

g)      Panamax UPS and Power Conditioner

8)      Home Theater (dedicated room)

a)      Acoustics

i)        2-layer 5/8 drywall separated by Green Glue on interior walls and ceiling

ii)       2-layer 5/8 drywall separated by Green Glue on exterior walls

iii)     1-Inch Linacoustic from floor to seated-ear-level behind GOM wall fabric

iv)     2-Inch Polyester batting from seated-ear-level to ceiling behind GOM wall fabric

v)      Rear room corners treated with acoustic traps

b)      Klipsch 7.1 THX Ultra2 Speakers

i)        Front Left, Right, Center – KL650

ii)       2 Subwoofers – KW120 with Klipsch Sub Amplifier

iii)     Surround Left, Right – KS525

iv)     Rear Left, Right – KS526

c)       JVC DLA-HX2U D-ILA Projector

d)      Music Mountain Home Theater PC (DVD player) – Host for:

i)        TheaterTek DVD player

ii)       PowerStrip Video processing

iii)     J River Music Player for theater media server access

iv)     Girder for communication with AVPP

e)      Kube 8.4" Wireless (802.11g) Touch Screen Thin Client

9)      Family RoomWestinghouse 1080p LCD Flatpanel

a)      Automatic seizure of ceiling speakers thru Musica Local Source Module

b)      10.4" In Wall Touch Screen Monitor (driven by AVPP)

10)   Upstairs Kitchen

a)      Fujitsu P1510 9” Tablet PC Touchscreen

b)      802.11g Repeater